Heaven O'Clock, Part 1

by Tim Lannen

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Tim Lannen fronted a band called The Diggs from 2004 to 2009. Although they were ultimately under-appreciated they were a seminal NYC band of an era where the music industry was collapsing, mp3 blogs reigned supreme, and nobody knew what the fuck they were doing. The prevailing wisdom was to keep pushing forward, keep making content, with the hope that it would somehow turn into a way to build a career. The Diggs were my favorite band, and they were my friends. They were a constant source of inspiration. By 2010 we all woke up from the dream, bands parted ways, and it was clear that the content race was a race that nobody would win. There was no quitting your day job, no more major label debut.

For the next few years Tim lived a quiet life in his apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. He kept busy running a coffee shop in Tribeca, making music casually with friends, starting and abandoning different projects. He didn’t stop making music but his creative output was less song-oriented and more experimental in nature. Tim shared songs with me from time to time - long drone-y synthed-out instrumentals, remixes of tracks by Phoenix and Arthur Russell, noisy electronic experiments. It was never not fascinating, but with a few exceptions, it also seemed like he was holding back, protecting himself, and masking the vulnerability that had made the songs he had written with his old band so riveting.

Then last August Tim sent me an iPhone demo for a new song via email with the message “I think I want to be in a band again.” It was clear that some sort of awakening was taking place. The next day another song followed, and the day after that. Within a few weeks, he had written an album’s worth of material, in what seemed like a fever dream. Tim’s Heaven O’Clock EP is a return to a sort of focused, direct, guitar based songcraft, but it also expands on the palette of his previous work with a more sonically adventurous spirit. There’s a sense of ease and confidence to these songs that’s undeniable. It’s as if all the experimentation of the last five years was building up to this moment.

I remember once talking with Tim about a song I was working on, and expressing frustration over how long it was taking to get the lyrics right. “I know man,” Tim said. “Me too, and then all the sudden shit writes itself.” That’s how Tim songs feel to me. He makes it sound effortless, and revelatory. The songs feel like they’ve always existed, waiting for us to find them, so we can get lost in them, and maybe even be healed by them. I don’t know if music comes from divine inspiration or not. I don’t care either way. I just know that listening to songs like these makes me feel a little more alive, and connected to the world around me.

-Brian Sendrowitz, March 2016


released May 7, 2016


Tim Lannen - guitars, vocals, drum machine
Brian Sendrowitz - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Steve Pellegrino - bass
Paul Reardon Rovira - drums, percussion

Produced by Brian Sendrowitz and Tim Lannen. Songs by Tim Lannen (ASCAP)

Cover Art by Andrew Wilgress and Brian Sendrowitz



all rights reserved


Tim Lannen Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: I'm a Solution
I feel like I should feel
I feel stranger than ever
I'm wandering tall weeds
I figure out falling
I just stay awake
I promise I'll reason
Im a solution

You're all promises
I see you at the gate
You've been pretty for too long
You still stand up straight
We're running out of time
Ill take no for an answer
But we're running out of time
Im a solution
Track Name: Same Light
You think about waiting
In the middle of everything
I see what you're trying to do
And its not gonna work this time

We wake up in the same light
And leave everything behind

Im getting away with it
By only a little
She always sees the best things
She always has a good time

I could never get enough

I see you trying
To tear out the pages
Ill throw you down a flight of stairs
Before you can finish

She made an impression on me
And all of it makes sense

I could never get enough

We wake up in the same light
And leave everything behind
Track Name: A Calm I Don't Like
You were looking for me to ask you
But i won't put myself out till I see the ground beneath my shoes

I empty out gazes on you
But you're already a dream that I keep walking myself through

I wanna stay on your mind
I wanna come back to life

This is a calm I don't like
Now you're backing out of the room
I don't want you to leave me behind
I don't want you to leave

I wanna stay on your mind
I wanna come back to life
Track Name: Feel Song
Why is this taking forever?
I don't know how to get home from here
Today is only getting longer
Nighttimes seem to be over

Do you remember how I made you feel?

What have you got to say for yourself?
How long do you want to go on like this?
So many eyes to open
I haven't forgotten about mornings

Do you remember how I made you feel?
Track Name: Vein In Train
I wanna scream when I don't see the train coming

There can't be anymore 'one more times'
I forget how good it feels to feel alright